PAS Grounding Cable

E-Rider Grounding Cable for 6-pin HiGo PAS Plug on Grin Controllers. Useful to Ground Bicycle Frame if E-Rider Torque Sensor has Stability Issues (Affects ~10% of Systems)

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For some reason certain torque sensors are susceptible to electrical interference with ASI based motor controllers, resulting in the torque output signal occasionally getting stuck high or low. That in turn causes excessive power when pedaling or none at all, usually until the power is turned off and on and the torque sensor electronics reset.   This happens in just a minority of installations and experience has shown that it goes away when the frame is grounded to the battery ground. 

This cable provides a convenient way to groud the frame at any bottle eyelets. Just plug one end into the unused 6-pin HiGo PAS plug of the motor controller, and the ring terminal on the other end gets screwed to the bike frame. An internal fuse protects against any shorts of other signals to the frame. This cable works with:

  • Baserunners V4 onwards
  • Phaserunner V6 onwards
  • Frankenrunners 

Note also that this cable uses controller's PAS input, so it assumes your E-Rider torque sensor is connected to a V3 Cycle Analyst and not to the controller directly.

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