6 Pin Higo Custom Forwards / Reverse Cable

6Pin Higo Male Pigtail For FWD/REV Switch Input with Baserunner and Phaserunner Controllers

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This is a 1 meter long cable with a male 6 pin Higo connector on one to connect to the 6 pin PAS plug of a Baserunner or Phaserunner motor controller.  The pigtail end has the black (gnd) and yellow (PAS2 / FwdRev) leads stripped and tinned for attaching to a separate forwards reverse switch. A fowards/reverse switch is NOT included. You can use any toggle switch or momentary button switch for that depending on your preference. 

To use this device as a forwards reverse control, it is essential that the setting "Rev on PAS 2" is enabled in the controller settings. 

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Actual Weight (kg) 0.05
Connector(s) HiGo MiniB