XLR to GX16 5 Pin F Adapter

XLR to GX16 5 Pin Female charger adapter with TRS comms cable foruse with Satiator chargers. Works with many scooters and EUCs.

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XLR to GX16 5 Pin Female charger adapter. Adapts our Cycle Satiators for charging many Scooters and EUC's - compatible with Ex20s, Hero, Ex.N, Nikola, MSP/RS, Tesla V4, Sherman, Abrams, Sherman S, Commander, and Inmotion V12 electric unicycles. Includes the TRS cable for communication with a PC (using a USB adapter for the Cycle Satiator).

More Information
Country of Manufacture Canada
Actual Weight (kg) 0.1
Connector(s) TRRS, XLR, GX16-5F
XLR_GX16_5F (416.10 kB)