Bike To Work, Bike for Errands, Bike to BBQ!

This has been an awesome time for alternative transportation in Vancouver. Not only did we learn that non-car trips (biking, walking, transit) outnumbered private vehicle trips for the first time ever; cycling use in the city jumped another 20% last year, the hopelessly archaic Business Improvement Association has finally acknowledged that bike lanes are good for business, and the weather and turn-out for Bike to Work Week has been amazing.  We’d love to know exactly how much of a role electric assist is playing in that, but it’s no doubt a very large factor for some. 

Cargo Race TrackLet’s not forget to celebrate all this at the wrap-up BBQ on Friday at Creekside Park besides Science World. The full details of the Cargo Bike Championship have been posted to the participants. It includes a race where you pick up more cargo on each lap and a host of prize categories, and should be good fun with nearly two dozen cargo bikes of all types in the mix.


For the categories of “Best Custom Built Cargo Bike”, and “Fastest Time with Electric Assist” we’ll be awarding winners with their choice of:

  • A) A Cycle Satiator universal battery charger.
  • B) A Cycle Analyst and front/rear ebike lighting system
  • C) A $300 Grin Credit towards the purchase of an eZee conversion kit, or
  • D) A $200 gift certificate for anything at Grin

For all the other categories we’ll be giving away gourmet popsicles from our friend Johnny, who’s been making and selling unbelievably tasty cold treats from his mobile trike:

Because of this event, we will be closing our shop early on Friday at 4pm so that all our staff can participate. To our local customers and friends, we hope to see you there too!

Commuting by Big Dummy and Haul-a-Day