Happy Canada Day

We hope all of our northern customers have been having a great Canada Day long weekend. If you've gone on an ebike powered camping expedition then send us your celebration pics!

For the next week we have a flat 15.2% discount on all our flagship made-in-Canada items (Phaserunner, Grin All Axle motor, LiGo batteries, dc-dc converters etc). Simply use the coupon code "Canada152" at the checkout.

Just a note to everyone that Justin and Anne-Sophie are now back from a 6-week leave after bringing a little baby girl into this world. Her name Andina was inspired from AnSo's unicycle trip across the Andes, and it's going to be a delight for us to join all the other young families who've been raising a kid from the seat of a cargo bike rather than the backseat of a car.

 She's definitely a keeper

Anyways if there's been a lack of updates on the site that is why, and we want to thank all the staff at Grin who've been keeping things running and flowing during this very busy time of year. More good stuff (videos, new products, web updates, clearance sales) coming soon.