Custom 50A Motor Controllers

Let mosfet failures in 72V Crystalyte controllers be a thing of the past! We sent Crystalyte a batch of IRFB4110 mosfets to incorporate into a custom run of 72V motor controllers capable of 40A and even 50A current levels. These mosfet transistors have 1/3rd the ON resistance of the original 4710's used in previous 72V controllers and so are far more tolerant of the large motor currents in high voltage setups. As well, the stock 72V controllers now use IRFB4310 mosfets, which have over 40% less internal resistance than the original transistors.

January Update - The modified 72V controllers sold out in no time. Our next batch isn't due to arrive until March as well. However, the stock 72V 40A controllers with the IRFB4310 mosfets have been holding up just fine with most 72V arrangements, so unless you really need 50 amps, then the standard 72V controller should be fine. We have modified the Low Voltage Cutout on these to 27V, and have also added a waterproof conformal coating to the circuit boards as well.