Fall Web Enhancements

add custom spokes to cart

Over the last few months we've quietly slipped a number of other small improvements to our website. For instance, from the spoke calculator page you can now directly add spokes to your cart from the calculator, no need to write down lengths and navigate back to the online store.


Launch simulator from kits page

Similarly, when you are shopping for the conversion kits, the simulator link on the bottom will launch the motor simulator page with the correct motor, controller, wheel size etc. already pre-selected.

And if you have individual motors, controllers, batteries etc. in your shopping cart, then you can launch a local instance of the simulator tool from inside the cart to see exactly the performance of these items and how they work together.

Inline Shopping Cart Simulation

Additional Simulator Updates

The simulator improvements have only kept continuing since the September update. There's now the ability to model custom motors, to set a controller for a torque or amps throttle, and to have the throttle automatically adjust itself based on where you click the graph. Read the updated FAQ section and have fun.

Much of this work and the associated tools for motor thermal analysis was possible with the help of our summer software coop students from SFU and UBC; Stefan, Gary, and Adam. It's long overdue we gave them a big public thanks for their fine contributions.

Gary, Stefan, and Adam