More Information on the eZee kits

Our eZee kits have now been modified with basically every small improvement that we sought. The major changes:

CycleAnalyst Connector:
The eZee motor controller now has the 6-pin connector on it for attaching a direct plug-in CycleAnalyst. Using the CA-DPS model, you can now take advantage of the speed, voltage, and current limiting features with the straight forward connectivity of the direct plug-in version, just like our Crystalyte controllers.

Wider Voltage Range:
We have had both the lower and upper voltage controller cutouts removed, so now you can use the stock eZee controller with 24V and 48V battery packs without trouble, greatly increasing the flexibility and choice of battery options suitable for this kit.

Pedal Assist Option:
There is also an additional 4-pin pedal assist connector that can be combined with an optional PAS system. When the PAS sensor is plugged into this connector, the motor will only engage when the pedals are being rotated. It is possible to use this system and replace the throttle with a variable potentiometer, and then have a pedal activated ebike. It also makes the kit legally compliant with regulations in many jurisdictions (such as the EU).

Standard Disc Rotor:
The bolt hole pattern in the hub motor is now the standard 44mm diameter, so the rotors are interchangeable with most off the shelf disc products.

20" Wheel Size:
There is now a 20" wheel option which has been wound for a higher RPM in order to compensate for the smaller wheel diameter.

Interchangeable Throttle:
The throttle pinout is now exactly the same standard as our stock throttles, so you have the option of using our thumb or left hand throttles if the included full twist throttle is not ideal for your handlebars.