New CA2 Firmware to Test

The classic V2 Cycle Analyst series hasn’t seen a firmware update in several years, and it’s time we fix that.  For anyone with a V2.3 Cycle Analyst, we’ve now got two more firmware options that you might like, both featuring the battery state-of-charge (SOC) icon previously only available with the V3 devices.

CA Marine Firmware Splash ScreenThe first is a special Marine Firmware that we developed for a Dutch dealer. This trimmed down code is ideal for anyone using the V2 CA as a power monitoring device in applications where there is no need for speed and distance tracking, just watts, amp-hours, volts etc.  The Auxiliary Potentiometer Input has been re-purposed as a temperature input for thermal monitoring if desired too.

Marine Firmware, Main Screen Main Screen with Temperature Percent Recharge Screen
 Main Screen showing Amp Hours and Battery SOC Icon  Amp-hours toggles to temperature readout if enabled  Display of recharge percentage and recharging Ah

CA V2.4 Splash Screen

The second firmware update is a general purpose V2.4 release for vehicle usage. To a first order, this is very much like the V2.3 CA code with the addition of a battery icon, but there are many changes in the back-end and setup menus too which should be appreciated, including better rejection of spurious speed readings if the spoke magnet and pickup sensor become misaligned.


CA V2.4 Features

You can update any of the V2.3 Cycle Analyst devices (But not V2.25 and earlier) using the same software tool and programming cable as a V3 CA, as explained here. This update will reset your total life cycle statistics, so before reflashing be sure to write down your total Amp-hours, Distance, Battery Cycles, and other custom settings so that you can re-enter those values later.

So if you have an inkling to try out the latest, please load the code above and send us your feedback.