Nine Continent Motors

Back in 2006 we were the first to bring fast winding 404 and 405 Crystalyte hub motors to the scene; in 2008 we had eZee make a high rpm motor for their 20" kits; last fall we had Nine Continent do a faster 6 turn winding of their 205 hub for us, and now in our most recent shipment we have taken this a step further with a 5 turn winding Nine Continent motor, which we'll call the 2805. This gives us a 20" wheel option that has the capability of doing 25mph or 40kph speeds with a standard 36V battery pack. The advantage of fast motors with a lower winding count is that they provide a path to achieve good speed performance without going to high voltage 72V battery arrangements, which is a frequent source of problems especially when people series connect BMS protected lithium batteries.

As well, the rear motors in this shipment have all been laced with the heads on the left side of the hub flange and are properly dished out of the box, so our earlier caveat about wheel dishing is no longer a problem.