Rowing Bikes and the Suntrip, VLog on YouTube

The clock is fast approaching with just 3 weeks left before Justin and Anne-Sophie head to France for the Suntrip solar ebike race. We've recently made great progress in adapting a craigslist trike purchase into the back-to-back-tandem-solar-electric-rowbike of our dreams. What started off as this:

Is now looking more like this!

Actually, that's from last weekend. The current iteration has a solar roof installed with electric power and turned plenty of heads on it's maiden solar powered trip to the town of Gibsons and back.

If you want to see all the latest build updates, design challenges, and test rides, then now would be a great time to check out our Youtube channel. We've been doing regular VLog posts in preparation for this trip and will be releasing several videos a week during the upcoming crunch.

And while we are talking about videos and rowing bikes, we wanted to share the conversion project from this winter that partly solidified our decision to do the Suntrip tour with a rowing bike component in the first place.

If you've got a rowing bike of any kind that you've been looking to electrify, we'd love to hear from you too to see if the new rowbike mode PAS feature in the CA3.1 would fit the application.