Spare Cells for Pack Builders

The feedback from customers using our higher rate NiCad batteries from Elegance has been quite positive, and we are now offering these as loose tabbed cells for people wishing to build their own custom battery packs. This way it is possible to arrange the cells in any desired layout to fit the geometry of your particular vehicle. We stock Thermistors, wide heatshrink tubing, and appropriate charge and discharge connectors for those doing a custom battery build.

As well, we are also offering some high capacity R/C grade Lithium Polymer cells, battery management system (BMS) circuits, and lithium chargers, for those who want to build the lightest pack possible. These cells are less than half the weight of an equivalent energy A123 battery, and are also capable of impressive charge and discharge currents. The 6Ah cell is rated for 36 amps, and the 4Ah cell can handle up to 60A.