Store Closure Details and Stock Arrival Updates

To clarify the situation, this Sunday Aug 16th at midnight will be the last day this summer that we will accept new orders from our store, shipping all of the existing orders and clearing up any outstanding business. After that we will do some long overdue housekeeping and reorganization.

There are many things you'll be able to look forwards to when the shop re-opens on Sept 3rd:

-High Capacity NiMH battery packs: We should have in stock again both 13Ah and the large 20Ah NiMH battery packs, as well as high current chargers to match them.

-Universal 24-48V NiCad Chargers: It's been over 8 months that we've been waiting for delivery on a new charger option for our NiCad battery packs. These units will be smaller and less expensive than the High Power brand, and are auto-ranging. The same charger will work for 24V, 36V, and 48V batteries.

-Improvements to our Online Store: Our shop website will be made more navigable, with an easier checkout process, more clarity on what parts go with what, a wider kit selection, and automatic shipping quotes.

-Motor Stock: We will have new shipments in from Crystalyte, a fresh supply of eZee motor kits, and possibly some other surprises.

Q. What if something breaks down, I need a new part ASAP...

A. We will continue and try to give over the top email support, so relax, no one is off vacationing on a beach in Bermuda. However, our telephone lines will not be monitored during this period, so please direct everything to our email.