Summer Sales

We're in the midsts of inventory suffling right now especially as we transition over to the new L1019 connector standard, and that means a lot of savings and discounts with the remaining Anderson inventory:

MXUS Motor Sale

Now that we have the 9C RH212 direct drive motors in full stock, they'll become our new standard budget direct drive hub, and the remaining MXUS cassette motors are all 25% off. Same with our remaining 9C+ front motors.

eZee Kits:

We've also put a 15-18% sale on all the eZee hub motor kits in anticipation of having an L10 connectorized version of these later in the fall, so now is a fantastic time to get one of these venerable high torque geared motor systems at a discount. 


We're also retiring the classic Stokemonkey kit as we move to focus entirely on hub motor drives, and have our remaining inventory at 50% off and more. If you're looking for a real classic drive system for a cargo bike this could be your chance for bargain shopping.


New 21700 Battery Options

New 21700 Downtube Battery CasingPlus, we've recently expanded our downtube battery selection to include batteries based on the Panasonic NCR21700A cells. These are the same cells used in Tesla vehicles that became available at an unusual discount due to US/China trade issues and so we were able to bring them in and have them on sale in one go. There's a 36V 14.5 Ah, 36V 19.5Ah, and 52V 14.5Ah options, with a new enclosure standard that has an on/off switch, mini 3-pin ST charging port, and Baserunner controller compatibility.


Fatbike Rims Too

20", 24" and 26" DHL65 RimsWe also just received a shipment of the DHL65 rims from Weinmann to further support fatbike and large tire ebike conversions. Unlike most fatbike rims that have excessive left-right spoke stagger rendering them difficult to use with hub motor wheelbuilds, the DHL65 has holes drilled near enough to the centerline that even hub motors with narrow flange spacing can be laced successfully. These rims work well for tires ranging from 3" up to 4.5" in width and are stocked in 20" 24" and 26" diameters with both 32 hole and 36 hole drilling options. Available directly from our Rims catalog or as an option on any kit with a custom wheel build.