Suntrip Update

We're about 65km out of Zagreb in Croatia now, cloudy weather, stopped for a brief rest on the side of the road... JLE

You can follow Justin's most recent updates on the Endless-Sphere forums - here's his latest post. If you're curious how this whole tandem-solar-pedal-rowing-trike came about, you can start reading at the beginning, here!

Justin and Anne-Sophie have been on the road in Europe for about a week now, catching as much sun as they can on the Suntrip. Since the start of the trip in Lyon and the official start of the race in Chamonix, they have been trending on a more southerly route towards Turkey and Iran. As they get used to the style of travel and the nuances of riding a three-wheeled solar vehicle all day they have had their ups...

Solar Charging after Camping

and downs...

Tipped over trike 

That said, I think their level of stoke so far can be summarized by Justin in this picture...

Exhaustion with a Grin.

Totally destroyed!

Find some lovely photo updates via Instagram when Justin and An'so have WiFi: Grin Tech SunTrip Instagram

The official Suntrip website can be accessed here:

Happy riding and sunny weather to you both!