Unlaced eZee, Custom Wheel Builds, and FatBike Rims

Unlaced Front and Rear eZee HubsWe’ve got a nice update for those like doing things a little bit custom. The high performance V2 eZee hub motors have only traditionally been available as part of a complete built up wheel, laced with a rim, tire and tube, which added a lot of wasted expense for those wanting a different diameter or rim type.  Well we had a recent shipment arrive of pure unlaced eZee motors both front and rear, permitting eZee motor systems in a custom wheel build.

Included in these unlaced motors is a new fast 350 rpm winding, which will help 16” and 20” wheels get up to a decent road speed without the need for a high voltage battery. They’re a bit quicker than the normal 300 rpm motors that are in the 20” eZee kits, and have been added to our simulator page too.    

Custom Builds

Custom Laced Hub MotorTo facilitate the purchase of custom built wheels, we’ve also created a new part on our store site that lets you select any available hub, spokes, and rim option from a dropdown menu. That enables you to specify the best hand-laced motor wheel for your project rather than relying on stock kits.


A Suitable Fat Rim

DHL65 Fat RimOne of the rim options you’ll see listed is a 65mm wide Weinmann rim for fat tire bikes. With the recent updates to our spoke calculator it’s much easier to figure out the optimum lacing and dishing strategy for a fat tire build and these particular rims have a close enough left and right hole offset that they can work well with most motors.  

If you are doing a custom fatbike conversion, the best approach is to select a rear hub motor and use this on the front fork of your bike for a front wheel drive. Most fat bike forks have a 135mm dropout width, the same as a standard rear mountain bike hub.