Frankenrunner_MT Controller

Frankenrunner Controller with MT60+JST Motor Connection. 87V Max Battery Voltage and 96A Peak Phase Currents (~55A at Thermal Rollback). Includes XT60 to Anderson Battery Cable.

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Phasernuner_MT V3 Side View
Frankenrunner_MT Controller

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    Frankenrunner with MT60 connector for three phase power, and JST plugs for hall sensors and temp/signal signals. 

    • 8-pin HiGo plug for CA3-WP control (To convert the WP8 to a classic CA-DP, you must purchase an adapter.)
    • 9-pin Cusmade Mains signal plug for harnesses, alternate power for rear light 
    • 6-pin HiGo MiniB Male - For direct PAS and Torque Sensor hookeup with 3rd party displays
    • Includes a 30cm XT60 to Anderson battery cable.

    Must be setup with via a computer to mate and configure with a given motor if they are not purchased together, and this requires the USB->TTL communications cable if you don't already have that.

    If you are NOT running the device with a V3 Cycle Analyst, then please also get one of the 9 pin mains cable harnesses to more conveniently access throttle, ebrake, and other signals.

    Full Frankenrunner Information Page.

    Apr. 19, 2022
    Dimensions (L x W x H, mm)
    Actual Weight (kg)
    Max Regen Voltage (V)
    Max Battery Amps (A)
    Max Phase Amps (A)
    Battery Range (V)
    7s - 20s (24V to 72V nominal)
    Anderson, HiGo 0812(WP8), JST-SM, MT60, TRRS, XT60, HiGo MiniB, HiGo D 1109
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