Lock Clutch Mod

Weld Clutch for Regenerative Braking Capability in Geared Hub Motor and Assemble with Loctite 648.

Availability: Back-Ordered ETA: Jun 6 2024

We can custom weld the clutches of SX and G62 geared hub motors in order to prevent their freewheeling action and enable regenerative braking. 

Geared hub motor with M12 axles generate a lot of force, and when modified for powerful regen the risk of nuts wiggling loose from back and forth torque is very high, which an result in dropout failure. To prevent this the following steps are essential:

  • Use a clamping style torque arm that pinches axle falts
  • Ensure axle nuts are tightened up to at least 60 Nm on each side
  • Always use Nyloc nuts so that wiggling action does not rs
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Country of Manufacture Canada
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