72V 16.5Ah Triangle Battery

72V 16.5 Ah Triangular Frame Battery with Rigid Enclosure, On/Off Switch, Samsung 35E Cells, and 40A continuous BMS circuit.

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72V 16.5Ah Triangle Battery
72V 16.5Ah Triangle Battery

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    72V 16.5 Ah triangular frame battery with rigid casing that includes multiple strap slots for attaching to bike frame. 20s x 7p layout using high capacity Samsung 35E cells with a 40A continuous BMS circuit. This is a well suited battery for those building fast and powerful ebike projects that require 72V operation in order to reach the desired motor RPM. 

    Features include:

    • Embedded XT90S Discharge Port
    • Includs XT90-Anderson Adapter Cable
    • Triangular Casing Straps in Frame Cavity
    • ON/OFF Push Button Power Switch
    • LED Charge Level Indicator
    • ST3 3 pin Charge Port, Supports Fast 8A Charging Currents
    72V 16.5Ah Triangle Battery
    Actual Weight (kg)
    Mounting Type
    Frame Mount
    Nominal Voltage
    72 Volt (20s)
    Full Charge Voltage
    Capacity (Amp-Hours)
    Cell Type
    Samsung 35E cells
    Anderson, ST3, XT-90S
    72V Satiator Upgrade with ST3 Adapter
    Actual Weight (kg)
    More Information
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