Controllers and Motors with Waterproof Z910 plugs

We've spent 10 years of determined effort keeping all of our kits, controllers, and motors interchangeable and standardized around the same 3-pin Anderson and 5-pin JST hall connectors, but we're moving on! At this point, most manfufacturers of small ebike motors have adopted the overmolded 9-pin Higo Z910A plug as a default connector type, and rather than always cutting this off and replacing with andersons we've decided to roll with it and make our smaller 20A Grinfineon Controllers directly compatible.

Higo Z910 Plug

The extra 6th signal wire is used in geared motor setups for an internal wheel speed sensor that is present in many geared hubs, allowing you to get vehicle speed info from a simple CA-DP device rather than needing a separate speedometer sensor and spoke magnet with the CA-DPS. In our small direct drive motors, we've used this 6th wire for the internal motor temperature sensor that is brought out of the controller assembly, so that you can still take advantage of the CA3's temperature sensing and thermal rollback, all with just a single connector and wire to the motor.

Higo 9 pin Motor Plug Pinout

There are downsides to an overmolded plug. You can't measure hall sensor voltages for troubleshooting when it is plugged in, swap phase wires around, or separate the halls from the phase wires to run it sensorless. And replacing damaged connectors is not easy. But for low to medium power ebikes the benefits of this clean single plug are worth it. We have all of our Bafang G01 and Brompton SAW20 motor kits in stock now using this Z910A plug style. And in unusual form, we even finished the user manuals in time for this announcement too. 

20A Grinfineon Manual with Thermistor Pass-Thru  Manual for 20A Grinfineon Controller for Geared Motors with Speed Sensor