Phaserunner_MT Controller

Grin Phaserunner, Compact Field-Oriented Waterproof Motor Controller. New V3 Model with WP8 CA Plug.

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Phasernuner_MT V3 Side View
Phaserunner_MT Controller

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Actual cruising speed/perfomance under any loading conditions is well modeled in our simulator. NEW! Launch Motor Simulator with Phaserunner_MT Controller


    Stainless Steel Phaserunner, ultra compact field-oriented motor controller, yet still capable of 90V max with 96A peak phase currents. The MT version include an embedded MT60 plug for the phase wires and uses a separate harness to link up with a motor.

    This new V3 model uses the 8 pin waterproof CA plug to mate with the CA3-WP device instead of the original 6-pin JST plug, if you have an original CA3-DP or CA3-DPS you will need to also get the WP8->JST adapter.

    Requires PC setup to mate and configure with a given motor if they are not purchased together, and this requires the USB->TTL communications cable if you don't already have that. Full Phaserunner Information Page.