A Tribute to our Solar Travelers

This summer we actually had THREE people make prolonged stopovers at Grin while embarking on epic solar bike trips. We covered Mark Havran earlier this year with a Part3 Video. He's since continued all the way up to Alaska to catch the Northern Lights and and is now in Australia chasing summer sunshine while the days get shorter here. 

We then had one of our long term customers James visit, who's been criss-crossing america on a solar powered Elf ebike for almost as many years as we've been in business! 

And finally, a legend in the European Suntrip races, Stéphane Bertrand, has decided to do his own solo trip across both North and South America. He left from Montreal on a solar recumbent bike in August and was here in Vancouver 4 weeks later, ready to honor a debt to Justin from the 2018 Suntrip ride!



Stéphane has since progressed right down the coast and into Mexico, and you can catch more pictures of these travels on this Facebook page.


We just want to give a big shout-out to you three and everyone else out there using DIY ebike tech to explore all corners of the world, push both personal and technological limits. It is so very cool to see.