Torque Sensing Hub Motors are Here

The A5 motor from TDCM, Quick Release Axle and Torque Sensor in the Freehub

The company TDCM has made some innovative motors over the years. For a while we carried their IGH motor that featured a 5 speed Sturmey Archer internally geared hub inside a direct drive motor. More recently they've introduced an even more powerful motor using a quick-release axle and featuring a torque sensing freehub body

It took us a while to develop a full kit package around this motor as it needed a custom controller, a custom torque-arm, and a customized CA3 firmware. But we've pulled it all together and are now releasing the TSM-A5 kit. Watch Robbie's summary in this video.


More detailed information including specs, user manual, CAD drawings etc. are on our Kit Info Page,and they can be purchased as part of a full conversion kit from our Ready-To-Roll Store page