New Site Up and Running

Hey everyone, as you can see the new website is up and running in a functional state, but not yet a very refined state. We've prioritized the work to ensure that the store page is fully functional with an accurate inventory count, and that existing customer accounts should still work with full order history when you logged in. If you are having issues with your account then please send us an email. For customers in Canada, please be sure to manually set the store selector to the Canadian store view as the geolocation feature isn't yet working correctly.

As you can tell many visual aspects of the migration took a back seat and are going to take a couple more weeks to straighten out. So if you notice images that look out of whack, videos that aren't showing up, and layouts that seem a little questionable, we know! It's going to take a while for us to rejig everything for this new platform and we thank you for your patience while we chip away at it.

From Canada, we wish everyone a happy thanksgiving long weekend. We'll be back shipping orders on Tuesday.