SX Motor Series

After a succesful summer of field testing we're glad to have a pair of geared hub motors from Shengyi added to our catalog. These motors have the same quiet helical gears that everyone loves about the Bafang G310/G311 motors, but are in a slightly larger size level and power class. Many customers were pushing the G31x's a little beyond their capability and we think the SX1 (front) and SX2 (rear)  hubs will do a great job of fitting that gap between the small Bafang's and much more powerful motors like the GMAC. The front SX1 motors are in stock now, and the rear SX2 hubs should be in early October. 

Size and weight comparison of the G310 vs SX2 vs GMAC rear hub motors

Read more about the SX1 / SX2 motors here.

One feature we're proud to deploy in these hubs is a combined speed AND temperature sensing in the Z910 motor plug which is compatible with our latest Baserunner controllers.  As long as you have a kit with a V3 Cycle Analyst, you can comfortably see the motor temperature on your display and push the power limits without the risk of fried windings. We're aiming to make this feature standard in all of our new geared motors with the Z910 connector.