And the shipments roll in

Well the long wait is finally over as the containers trickle in. We're back to having full stock of Downtube and LiGo batteries, CA3 devices, rims, and many other parts for sending out complete kit systems again. The only key item missing now are the Baserunner_L10 motor controllers for medium to high power kits, and those are expected sometime in August.

SX1 vs G311?

In the meantime, we are extremely happy with the state of our two smaller geared motor systems, the G311/G310 from Bafang and the SX1/SX2 from Shengyi. They both really shine in the low to medium assist levels and our recent updates with the dual speed/temperature sensor has eliminated the overheating risk.  We made a little comparison video to help highlight the differences and similarities between these hubs and help you decide! 

These ready-to-roll kits are in good supply since they use the smaller Baserunner_Z9 motor controllers and for many people are the perfect addition to a commuter bike.