Check us Out at BC Bike Show, Mar 2-3rd

It's that time of year when people are thinking more about the upcoming bike season and the BC bike show is just around the corner to help kick it off!

We will have a booth showcasing our new kit systems using the Superharness with modern displays if you want to come by and have a look. 

Grin Kits with Modern Display? No Way! Introducing our SuperH Conversion Platform

Plus you'll get to see how our almost fully flushed out and almost fully regulatory certified LiGo 10X Batteries are progressing. There are many other local bike and ebike exhibitors at the event and it's a great chance to check out BC biking and outdoors scene.

Live Presentation

On Saturday at 11:30 am we will also be giving a presentation on the Cycle Stage all about lithium battery safety, which has been a topic heavy in the news recently.  With nearly 20 years in the field we have more than enough firsthand exposure to share relevant experiences and separate the facts vs fiction. 

Free Tickets

We've also got a handful of free tickets to give away to our loyal customers who want to attend, so send us an email if that will help you show up. They are first come / first serve.