Coming Online

First pickup of orders from Odlum Location All that remains at Powell
On Wednesday we had our first set of orders picked up by Canada Post at our new location. There's not much left to do at our old 950 Powell Street address other than playing trapeze in the giant empty warehouse.

We're happy to announce that the major hurdle of moving is now over and we're able to start catching up on all the orders, shipments, and emails that have accumulated in the past 2 weeks. Thanks for all of your patience and encouragement as we weathered some small disruptions for a big leap forward.

Here are a few notes on our current fulfilment status:

  • Basic orders that don't require setup and programming, wheelbuilds, or tested batteries have been flying out the door as our shipping department is chipping away at the backlog
  • We are still on track to resume wheel lacing services and shipping complete kits at the start of February
  • The shop is not open for retail visits but we are resuming the scheduled in person pick-up of prepaid orders for local customers
  • Our sales/support team has been working away at emails and phone calls on a priority basis. There are still many emails going back 10 days or more and we will keep working hard to get caught up