For the love of Regen

We released a video last month showing how to modify standard geared hub motors to disable the clutch and make them regen capable.  

This can bring the benefits of regen to geared motors outside of just the GMAC system, including smaller and lighter hubs like the Shengyi SX1/ SX2 motors.

Excited but don't have access to a TIG welder? Fear not, we're now offering these motors pre-modded for regen here at Grin! That includes

  • Bafang G60 and G62 Fabike Kits.  Now you have excellent options for powerful regen capable hub geared motors on fatbikes with 170-190mm rear dropouts.  
  • Shengyi SX1 and SX2 Kits. These lightweight front and rear geared motor kits are the perfect option for commuter setups that don't need the power and weight class of a GMAC motor. And the benefit of a helical cut gear makes them extra quiet too. 
  • Front eZee kits.  And finally we've got a good supply of eZee motors without clutches for those wanting a hub that is in the GMAC motor power class, but for a front installation rather than the rear. 

All of these hub motor options at their base are using threaded M12 axles with axle flats. Our ability to offering these systems was also contingent on our release of the new V7 Clamping Torque Arm.  (More information on our new torque arm series coming next!)