Fully Charged Live, Help us Build an Ebike Museum!

This September 8th-10th Vancouver is going to be hosting the Fully Charged LIVE show, a traveling exhibit from the UK that covers everything from micromobility to electric cars and alternative power. Fortunately, ebikes, cargo bikes, and personal EV's are a huge part of the floor space and Grin is excited to participate.

Ebike History

One of our contributions to the show will be an exhibit dedicated to the recent history of the ebike movement in Canada, and for that we're hoping to solicit your help. Do you by chance have an old ebike, escooter, or eskateboard from the 1990's or early 2000's still around in your garage, which you'd be willing to donate to the cause? We're interested in both DIY builds and turn-key bikes from that era to shed light on the timeline of this movement.

If so, please email us some pictures and details and we will see if it's a good fit. Ebikes are relatively new to many people but the seeds have been around for a few decades, and we'd love to tell the story of how they've evolved to the current state.