Grin It to Win It - Customer Project Campaign starts April

Eight months ago in the sweet summer heat we unleashed our customer ebike Project Gallery to the world.

In no time we had dozens of submissions pouring in, and prizes were announced every week as Grin's Staff got together to vote on their favorite ebike builds. It was good fun, but we got distracted over winter and let things slip.

Fortunately one of our many generous Grinvestors said he'd like to offer up $5000 of his accumulated store credit as funds for other people to use, providing a great opportunity to kick off a new round of gallery projects for 2024. 


We're starting this Grintastic Gallery Giveaway with a retroactive launch of monthly prize draws, and have just chosen 6 submissions at random for the months of October to March:

So congratulations to each winner above. Each of you now has $250 of store credit added to your account to use ordering whatever you like. 

For the rest of the this campaign, each week we'll have a different staff member at Grin pick their peronal favorite build in the gallery and make a little video on why they like it and award $250 of credit. We'll also do a random draw of all the submissions from that week and give the draw winner $250 as well. Funds you can apply towards any future orders from Grin.  It doesn't get easier than that. 

As the campaign winds up at the end of May, we'll then select a new prize winner for the best project build video with a final $1000 prize. 

If you've been huddled away all winter building up your dream e-machine, now is the time to tell your project story in photos and videos, upload them to our gallery, and show off your creation to the world.