Grin will have a booth at SPEZI this weekend!

Ever since we heard about the Spezi bike show in Germany we knew this was an event we were born to attend. Covid got in the way the last few years but finally now the stars are aligned and thanks to the help of our partner ebike-solutions, we will be there to exhibit! 

This is the show featuring all the "special" bikes that get a short shaft at the normal trade shows. That includes recumbents, tandems, cargo bikes, velomobiles, folders, trailers, quads, and all the other creative wheeled misfits that the mainstream bike culture doesn't quite know what to do with. 

Spezi Bike Show

We'll be there with examples of Grin's All-Axle hub motors, air shippable LiGo 10X batteries, and regen capable motor controllers. This open hardware standard provides electrification options and versatility that stand in sharp contrast to the proprietary locked Bosch and Shimano systems that currently dominate Europe. 

The show is in Southern Germany, close to Switzerland and France, and we looks forwards to meeting up with many of our European customers and partners at our booth. So come by and check it out.