Grinspector Revisited

We hope that everyone out there is making the most of their Easter long weekend given the circumstances! Here at Grin we've still been plowing along with our ebike development projects as much as possible,and are glad to announce some nice updates to our Grinspector Battery test station.

This is a device that we developed initially for our in-house battery testing needs but decided to make it available as a tool for other ebike businesses and custom builders. The recent updates include

  • Native Operation up to 100V (previously was 60V max for charging)
  • Entirely Rewritten Software Suite, now Available for macOS
  • Discharge Test Periodically Measures Pack Internal Resistance

We've been using a bank of these for doing our 100% quality control tests on every single battery pack prior to shipping, and we show this setup and the basic operation in the following video:

While we were at it, we also produced a video tutorial on setting up a Grinspector station and using new software suite.