Looking for some Donor Bosch/Shimano Bikes!

Hey there, last week we published the first episode in a 3 part series we're doing all about power (watts) and how it relates to electric bicycles. 

For parts 2 and 3, we're hoping to fully instrument some Shimano and Bosch mid-drive ebikes to do proper performance analysis and power metering. Of course, none of our staff ride any of these proprietary factory ebikes for the reasons here, so we're reaching out to our fans and customers.

Contact us if you're in Vancouver and want to make this trade! Do you happen to have a Bosch/Shimano ebike and wish you had gotten a DIY hub motor bike instead with an open and customizable platform, a powerful hub motor, and regenerative braking? If so we're offering a direct upgrade/exchange of your used Shimano/Bosch ebike for one of our front or rear All-Axle hub motor kits that you can install on any bike frame of your choice.

Please reach out should that tickle your fancy. Ideally, we're looking for people in the broader Vancouver area who can do the exchange in person. Your trade-in will help provide valuable info, comparison metrics, and hacking potential that we will share liberally with the ebike community at large!