Recent Videos Recap

We've published quite a few videos lately. This includes a new series on retrofitting parts onto factory ebikes. It's a line of questioning that we get asked about with increasing frequency but we struggle finding the time to explain things to people. So we hope that a a growing video series can help with that. So far we've got parts 1 and 2 released as we do some 3rd party hacks on a Radrunner fatbike.


We've also got an update on the 32 foot electric sailboat conversion Belle Ami, with Part 3 being filmed this weekend:

We were recently blessed with another visit from Mark Havran on his (for real now) round the world ebike trip:

And earlier had a bit of fun bringing a vintage dirtsurfer back to life in electric mode:

We've got a solid lineup of technical, informative, and interesting videos in our pipeline. Youtube's suggestion algorithms suck, but if you subscribe to our channel there's at least a small chance they'll give a heads up about new releases.