Sailboat Conversions - Interested Parties?

Well the year is off to a very busy start as we continue to settle in our new home. Meanwhile though a little R&D project we started last year retrofitting a sailbaot with a hub motor electric drive has been gaining lots of steam.

Link to electric sailboat conversion vid part 2

We're considering a pilot program to test this out on a wide range of sailboats later this summer, and are looking for potential early adopter customers (preferably in BC) who have suitable vessels they want to convert. Ideally this would be crafty boat owners who have a sailboat between 22-36 feet with an inboard engine that's maybe on it's last legs.

If that's you or someone you know, please fill out our form with details about your boat (length, displacement) and engine (HP, operating RPM if you know it) and some background. It's an exciting prospect to have our already quite versatile All Axle motor to find a place replacing noisy, polluting, and smelly diesel engines on the water too.