Satiator Adaptors for Dozens of PEVs

With the help of eevee's PEV shop we've now added four XLR charging adaptors to our lineup, allowing a host of electric unicycles, skateboards, and scooters to take advantage of the Satiator charger with a ready-made cable.  These GX12 and GX16 plugs have become quite common in this industry, and while not quite converging to one 'standard' there are at least enough models using 3, 4, and 5 pin plugs to justify us making a cable for each!

GX12 and GX16 XLR Adapters to Charge EUCs, Scooters, and Skateboards

Our resident technician and UEC aficionado Gordon partnered up with Cole at eevee's to film a little video on the Satiator which you can view here.

You can get the 72V Satiators with GX12/GX16 adaptors directly from our store page, or at eevee's shop where they can preload profile settings to match your PEV.

This project took longer than anticipated as field testing showed some strange charge behaviors with certain EUC models, and that required some algorithm changes and new firmware to fully iron out. So if you get one of these cables for an existing Satiator, be sure to update to the latest 1.039 firmware as well.