Spezi Wrap-up

A remote thanks to everyone who came to see us at the Spezi show in Germany last weekend. What an amazing congregation of innovators, enthusiasts, and business leaders pushing the envelope of small scale human transport. From pedal generator drivetrains to collapsible solar quads, this fair had it all and we look forward to coming back.

CIXI bike was just one of several pedal generator chainless drive systems on exhibit. Thanks to the help of ebikes-solutions we were able to arrange a proper booth presence overseasVelomobiles have a strong presence at the show, but the all metal Alleweder is always an eye turner. After falling out of production since the late 1990's, this futuristic sci-fi mobile is available again as a DIY build kit. In the spirit of breaking through proprietary locks, Kim has been making adapter sets to replace Bosch and similar mid-drives on factory ebikes to use Bafang or Pinion hardware in the same frame cavity. Check out https://ebikerepair.eu/ Dario rode 200km to the Spezi show on this tandem Hase Pinto, running dual front/rear All-Axle hub motors with a custom bulit e-moli battery pack that can handle 2500 watts of regen, important when moving fast over the Swiss landscape. Katanga is one of several companies tackling the commercialization of quads that are in between a bike and a car. They've been using All-Axle hub motors on the side but may try gearing one to spin their differential rear axle on the next builds. Oliver was one of many Grin customers who came to stop by and chat and get advice and pointers. His ebike is one of many featured on our project gallery!

It was encouraging to see so many setups already sporting Grin hardware and to talk to so fans of hub motors, regenerative braking, and open systems. Europe is ready to challenge the Boring Bosch takeover, and we will be working hard to make our stuff more readily available that side of the pond.