Temporary store closure, April 2nd - 12th

Happy Easter to everyone out there. After some deliberation we've decided to pause all new orders from now until the end of next week to catch-up on our order backlog, make fixes to our website back-end, and do a proper rollout of our new inventory system. This will let us get back to having ~1-3 day shipping lead times instead of the 1-2 weeks that has has been the norm since our move. It will make it easier to keep you updated on order status and potential delays, and it will allow our website to maintain much more accurate stock levels.

During this time we will be working hard to get all existing unshipped orders processed and out the door. The info content and tools on our website should still work but the store catalogue will be changing around and may be unavailable at various points. We expected to be live again on Friday with the new system fully deployed.

Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to finalizing this step of our move and preparation for an exciting year ahead.