Thanksgiving Givings

Thanks to all those who visited us at the Fully Charged booth last month. We all had a great time and enjoyed the chance to showcase the important world of DIY ebike builds at these more formal events, and to highlight the importance to end-users of open standards and non-proprietary hardware. 

This was our largest tradeshow booth, and we were pleased to share a corner with Chargebike and a live demo of a GMAC motor that can both freewheel and do regenerative braking based on their technology A small museum showing some of the development history of ebikes and micromobilty in the past 3 decades Tig's Electrom was one of several ebikes on exhibit featuring Grin Hardware

We were also glad to share our booth space with two guys we met this summer at Eurobike who had a dazzling idea for doing regen that we showcased in public for the first time. You'll see this discussed in the first half of the video below, and we'll have much more on that later!

The second half starting at 8:29 goes over stuff in our little e-museum and perspectives of the micromobity movement. 

Discounted Satiators

We did some fall cleaning and realized there was quite a pile of 48V and 72V Satiators around that didn't quite pass the full QC. This includes units that are cosmetically perfect but failed an air-leakage test on the gasket, and others that have been scratched or dinged in the course of handling here at Grin. We're not giving them away but we are offering a nice savings for those who can use a break from the full price. 

48V Units Here and 72V Units Here