The Superharness Kits are Here

What do you want? A superharness! When do you want it? Now! 

After a lengthy development effort we're launching a product that ties together all the great features of a Grin kit together with the standard modern ebike displays that everyone keeps asking us about. 

Display options available with the Main9 Superharness systems

This Superharness is more than just a main cable harness, it's a bit like having a mini Cycle Analyst hidden inside your wiring to implement some key features. This includes:

Read the Superharness User Manual PDFIn addition to that, the harness also includes convenient DC power taps for hooking up both front and rear lights, with various options in how the lights are controlled.  For full details on this and other functionality, have a look at the hot-off-the-press Superharness User Manual

We decided to go with the popular waterproof Higo signal plugs for the throttle and ebrake connection, and over the coming months you will see more and more throttle and ebrake options listed with the Higo termination. 

There is currently a SuperH Kit Option for all of our motors that terminate with the L1019 cable, which you can find on the SuperH Kits Page. We've also wrote a Kit Types getting started page which explains the differences between these new kits and our traditional Cycle Analyst based system. We are working hard to get the V6 Baserunner_Z9 controllers out so that we can do the same with the lower power kits as well and expand this to our complete catalogue of motors.