More Videos, short and long

We've been producing short summary videos of key products recently, and hope these help newbies in the scene get a quick overview on the gear without going into a deeper dive. This process started off with a Double/Triple Bob video in December that was well received:

So we kicked off this year with an short explanation of Statorade ferrofluid for motor cooling:

And a summary of the Satiator charger now hot off the presses too:

We're planning to keep this up through 2022 until all of the key Grin hardware is covered this way! If you have a preference for what we should prioritize feel free to let us know by email.

Of course we will also keep up on the long form content as well, like the two recent videos on how to measure hub and rim dimensions for doing custom spoke calculations, and the detailed overview on how to use our hub motor spoke calculator.