Videos are Back

Happy American Thanksgiving everyone. There is still a long way to go but we have been chugging away at fixing many issues with our new website over the past month.  In addition to this blog post now showing photos again, we also have embedded videos working!

This timing is good since we're started releasing a steady stream of new videos filmed over the year which we've only now had the time to finish editing.

That includes videos on the disassembly of the RH212 direct drive hub motors:

The installation of our front hub motor Brompton ebike kits:

The installation of the 24 pole mini PAS sensor:

As well as the ERider T-9 Torque Sensor:

Plus an updated summary of the V2 Grin All Axle Hub fork inserts:

Along with an installation video for fitting the All Axle front hub to a bicycle:

And finally, for something a little out of left field we used an All Axle hub motor powering a 25 foot sailboat through direct replacement of an inboard diesel engine!

We have many more video releases in the queue so feel free to subscribe to our channel if you want. It's guaranteed to be all solid content, with no ads, no embellishment, and (we've heard you) no excessive background music either :-)