FInal Video Prize

Well thanks everyone, with over 16 video submissions we had a great representation of builds for our final best project video awards category. In the end, we felt that Martin from Normandy with his "Super 73 Upgrade" pulled all the elements together to just nudge out in front.

As a video it gives a compelling back story of Martin's experience with his first ebike taking him from high school to now studying electrical engineering in univeristy. It seamlessly flows into the challenges and solutions of fitting a motor into a bike with a different dropout standard, and demonstrates just how much new life you can bring into an old factory ebike. The entire production itself is top notch and a joy to watch. So congratulations Martin, $1000 of Grin buckeroos are now on your store account for whatever future endeavors suit your fancy!

We look forward to seeing more build content on your channel, you've clearly got a knack for this.

And 2nd Place

OK, so we were only planning a single prize but some of the others were so good that we needed to do more than a token thank you.  It was a very close 2nd place for Oliver in Australia with his dual motor Cyclopes build.  This fully custom fabricated sheet metal frame frontloading cargobike is an inspiring piece of art in itself, but one with demonstrated great utility for his rural lifestyle. 

The video combines build pictures, aerial photography, along with an engaging dialog and some handy ride footage. If you look at Oliver's youtube channel he's also worked on larger pickup truck EV conversions and so it's no wonder he was  "first" ebike came out so good, the man is in his element, and we're throwing a $250 runner-up prize his way.

And Many More

Finally, there are a number that didn't necessarily have the same video production chops as Martin and Ollie but that still featured great content and builds. It's a bit random but we felt that the following 3 submissions all had unique character and are also getting a $100 store credit prize

Tim's Build showcases a Metrofiets cargo bike conversion using a locked clutch SX1 front motor for regen. It shows all the details and rationale for his component selection and shows how even a cargo bike can sip energy at just 4.6 Wh/mi on a 60 mile trip.  
This relatively short video by Vaxt shows how he got a used factory ebike and made it run even better with a 3rd party controller, battery, and control system.  He even managed to tap into the integrated torque/cadence circuit from the Shengyi mid-drive, figure out the signal ranges and then interface that to our Cycle Analyst for full torque control.  Very well done, and a perfect example of what is possible with the thousands and thousands of out of warranty factory ebikes soon to be filling up the landfills. 
We've been most impressed with all of Cain's adaptive trike and bike builds he's put on our gallery, and were delighted that he also did a video walkthrough explaining the origins of his many creations. This is a succint 5 minute summary of narrated pictures and videos that show prolific custom builder at work!


So that's it for this campaign, thanks again to all who participated, and a big thanks as well to the Grinvestor who helped sponsor this. He wanted to remain anonymous, but is one of several dozen generous people who have helped finance Grin's growth and R&D by loaning funds to us in exchange for interest payments in the form of store credit.  Collectively our Grinvestor community has contributed more to enabling our success than all the traditional banking and loan finance partners combined, and they all deserve a shoutout!