The Rear is Here

The wait is over for those wanting a rear version of our famous All-Axle hub motor. After 6 months of successful pilot testing, we're opening up sales to everyone!

Grin's Rear All-Axle Hub Motor

This motor is just what you would expect. Lightweight, silent, powerful, and universally compatible with both slotted and 12mm thru-axle dropout. Just select the right adapter and you are good to go.

The integrated torque arm on the left side ensures a totally secure installation and nicely protects the cable exit to reduce the chance of cable damage. We've got a Shimano HG compatible mountain freehub on the right side which features an integrated PAS encoder. This eliminates the need for a separate crank sensor to have pedal assist modes and back-pedal regen control; it's already built into the hub.

This motor is available now both as a custom wheelbuild or as part of a full ready-to-roll kit package, just in time for your summer ebike build.

EDIT June 14th: And we just finished therelease video too