Torque Arm Videos

It was exactly 1 year ago that we announced the release of three new torque arm designs. The torque arm V5, V6, and V7 set a new benchmark for both performance and bike compatibity, making the most of a dumb Chinese axle standard. We've now completed the final and most complex installation video for this set, with the "Built for Regen" Torque Arm V7: 

That follows in the footsteps of the V5 and V6 installation videos from a bit earlier. 

These splined insert torque arms have now largely replaced our previous designs, and are also available from our own store but also directly from Amazon for customers in the US (V5V6,  and V7).

M16 Axles

By popular request, we've also made a 16mm axle insert option for the V5 and V6 arms. This gives compatibiilty with more powerful motors that use larger M16 axles. A similar option for the clamping V7 Torque Arms is also in the works.