G62 (1000W) Fatbike Motors

Hey everyone we hope that you are all having a fantastic summer in between the various sweltering heat waves. We had some controller QC and supply hiccups starting this season that kept our noses to the grindstone. But things are mostly sorted out, with lots of good news to share:

G62 Hubs

Inventory keeps on trickling in, and an order from Bafang that we placed last October finally arrived this week. This includes their most powerful Fatbike motor, the G62, which will brought in to replace the G60 fatbike hubs.

The larger G62 motor has an wider motor stator and thick gear assembly to handle significant torque levels, and uses the higher amperage L1019 connector with a side-axle cable exit. This hub can seriously haul, especially with our Frankenrunner controllers at 90 phase amps, operating in a power domain we don't usually expect from Bafang. Torque arms are a must.

For fatbike projects needing a rear hub motor, this is the model to beat. We've got them available as ready-to-roll kits with downtube batteries, DIY kits with 3rd party batteries, and as bare hubs too, for both 170-175mm dropouts and 190-195mm dropouts. We also have spare gear assemblies for those who want to try welding the clutch and using them in regen capacity.

Here are the engineering drawings and 3D models.

They will be up on our motor simulator in the coming week.